The Beginning!

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” – Plato

This is where I should start and this is a good moment to greet you. I begin my journey here and I’d like to take you with me. I feel like I was drifting on the sea of complexity for a long time and I want to share this feeling with you, nevertheless I am sure that you already know what it is like to stand face to face with fear… or Magento.


But let me introduce myself. I’m a PHP developer with a few years of experience in e-commerce, especially in Magento. Once upon a time, when the dev environment was less diverse, I started my commercial career as a full stack developer, but now I’m focused more on PHP than JavaScript or any other so-called frontend areas. Still, I try to not lose those topics from my sight even though I find much more pleasure in building architecture than painting pictures.

I decided to start working on this blog being pushed by many winds but most important reason is that it might be a good idea to share daily experience with the rest of the world rather than bashfully hide it in a pocket. From time to time I encounter tasks and problems that apparently want to play a game with me. OK then Mr. Complexus Multiplicitus, I dare to challenge you!

 What the heck is this all about?

But what is this all about actually? Firstly, this blog is for you my mate. I will be describing my crusades against the monsters of Magento’s complexity, my great victories and defeats, both has high potential of being a great teacher, why not share them? Magento will be in the center since this is my bread and butter. I will try to share the knowledge, mostly know-how solutions, but we will ses how it goes. If you punch me in my poor nose delicately suggesting that my solutions or ideas are crap then show me how to do it better, so that everyone will know not only that some ideas are wrong but also why they are wrong. Will you join me on my crusade? I bet you will!

Secondly, this blog is for me. I will polish up my english and rethink some basic concepts of coding. The flow will be a lot like a stream of consciousness decorated with code snippets, knowledge resources and as much practice as possible. I found that each of us can read documentation, each of us can learn any framework in a finite time but what has the most value is experience. I feel obliged to share mine. I hope that it will push me further and bring something new and fresh. We’ll see…

I will share some of my daily encounters that I find interesting and my thoughts about being a web developer in general. Also, I want to write a series centered on some topic. And finally Magento2 – that is obvious, we’ll be taming the beast here.

Enough, it is time to challenge the reality!